These short digital stories were created by 16 young global citizens aged 12-16 years.

All participants are of Chinese origin residing with their families in Dubai.

Through their videos, these incredible young individuals have explored and creatively expressed their lives, personal identities, cultures and thinking. In addition, the project also aims to connect the youth community of Dubai and recognise it as a truly dynamic international platform for young people to flourish in.

The 10 day workshop was mentored by London based design thinker Kelsang Dongsar and the Red Balloon team. Our thanks to Dan Wang for her support to make this workshop possible.


28 March - 9 April 2021

Bohan Zhong : 'Sexism in cultures'

Dong Zi Yao (Eric) : Discrimination

Ji Li : Playing Golf

Riah Chai : Dumplings : A Key Dish in Chinese Culture

Wenhao Lin (Victor) : My Journey with Saxophone

Xiu Qi Zhao : Solving Problems by Myself

Hengxin : Nothing is Impossible

Ruikun Xu : All Around us

Yaming Zheng : 'My life in 2021'

Helin Wang (Leo) : Its All Within You

Pascal Ying : My Journey to Confidence

Shien Lang : Equality

Wenzhe Lin (Matthew) : This is Me

Rachel Yu : No Matter What

Leila Zhang : The Two Sides

Yiyi Bao : My garden

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