We believe that the process of making authentic contributions begins with experiencing empathy and self-awareness. Knowledge, innovation, self-development and action support this core intent to positively impact and improve our world and its conditions.



Red Balloon uses Arts and Design, along with other forms of creative expression as its primary tool to engage its young participants in the Children for Change (CFC) & Young People for Change (YPC) workshops. We believe that artistic engagement enhances the capacity to connect meaningfully with our self and others, and thereby lends itself to building ‘empathetic leaders of tomorrow’.

Creative & Artistic processes also encourage:

  • Self discovery and development which is honest, free and enriching

  • Out of the box innovative thinking

  • Activity based Learning

  • Connecting & sharing with others in an interactive manner

  • Inclusive dialogues

  • The experience of joy and enjoyment

Creative mediums such as drawing & painting, photography, creative movement, film-making, drama, story telling, creative writing, new media and more are used by participants to communicate; as well as give form to their ideas. The workshop's immersive nature offers a productive experience within a fun, creative and interactive environment. 


The varying intensity CFC/YPC modules are mentored by senior arts and design professionals, supported by creative expression facilitators, psychologists, development sector experts and leadership coaches.

Each workshop is carefully designed and customised based on Red Balloon’s unique programme framework by the leading arts mentor, knowledge partners and RB programmes team, to deliver and achieve Core Objectives*


Programme framework:





  • Connect with Self (Authenticity)

  • Connect with Others (Empathy / Inclusion)

  • Knowledge enhancement

  • Innovation, Original ideation, Creation

  • Action & Service

  • Sharing (Fellowship / Leadership)

Core Objectives *

  • Free self expression.

  • Empathy & self awareness.

  • Awareness about social issues.

  • Creative ideation and innovation by young people.

  • Active participation of children and young adults in social impact dialogues and activities.

  • Young Leadership for social change.

  • Fellowship amongst young change makers.​

Focus on



Ideation, Curiosity, Innovation, Visualisation


Lateral thinking, Critical thinking, System thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Confidence


Organisational skills, Excellence, Initiative


Cross cultural sensitivity, Teamwork, Inclusion, Verbal & Non-verbal Communication


Mindfulness, Empathy, Self-Awareness, Stress Management, Resilience

Through the 'Experience module', RB offers internship opportunities to select participants from the Leadership Programme- with arts, design and development organisations.

The RB stage is a public forum for the Leadership module participants and other inspiring change-makers to share their ideas and projects on social change, with an audience comprising children and young people and key stakeholders in the development and creative industries.

Apart from offering a unique way for children to engage in social change projects, Red Balloon provides a way to document social service initiatives and work done by children, within and outside RB, on the RB ONLINE PLATFORM. This allows easy sharing with educational organisations (for current schools and college admissions). RB uses the portal to share inspiring content and action ideas with participants as well as online activity workbooks for remote engagement with participants.

'The Power of a positive mind', a video for young people and change makers.

We believe that hope and positivity can be cultivated and our mind has the power to harness these empowering thoughts and help us live in harmony with ourselves, others and nature. It also enables us to imagine possibilities and contribute towards improving the world for all.

(By Lavanya Agarwal, Founding Member Red Balloon)

"Art can create major impact and most importantly influence, persuade and move people to lead change."

SAMAR S JODHA, Artist and Red Balloon Founder

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