For Samar Singh Jodha, art has always been more than just a creative exhibition. Art he feels, “is an ammunition to demand world’s attention to the marginalized – the silent masses, and to enable people to lead change.

It was early on in his professional career that he realized just how much art and creative expression can influence, persuade and move people to lead change. Throughout his founding years, education and his professional life, Samar has traversed continents and been exposed to diverse cultures. He has experienced life and issues of different communities, which are hidden from the majority and which people in the urban comforts, tend to be completely oblivious towards.


For over two decades now, Samar has used art to highlight this jarring contrast and bring to the world the voices and issues of the marginalized. Many of his projects revolve around communities where issues such as adoption of western models, environmental pressures, land and water and human rights are prominent.

From using art to help create sustainable livelihood for a vanishing Buddhist Burmese village, to photography workshops with children in conflict and engagement programs with Afghan refugees, to creating impactful experiential installations questioning corporate responsibility – Samar has created a creative community which breaks the limitations of art within what he calls a “White cube gallery syndrome” and taken it to the community it’s trying to address.

Samar’s work is especially focused on empowerment of the marginalised girl child and highlighting the issues of education, healthcare, safety and even identity that she faces. He is also keenly invested in the youth, a group that Samar believes has the power to lead and enable social impact.


Samar has been commissioned by the UN, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, BBC World Service Trust and Amnesty International.His work and vision have motivated thousands through his TEDx talks in Europe and India. He has extensively worked in South Asia, Central Asia and Africa.

Red Balloon has emanated from this long held vision of using art to positively impact society. With this, he has given his vision a platform, creating a collaborative ecosystem which is critical to large-scale mobilization and impact. With art and design at its core, Red Balloon builds partnerships, raises awareness on critical issues and enables individual leadership to lead change.

"Art can create major impact and most importantly influence, persuade and move people to lead change."

SAMAR S JODHA, Artist and Red Balloon Founder

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