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Bringing Down the Wall

Collaboration: Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad

Indian & german students 

13 participants (13-15 years)

Dec 2020 I Global

The objective of this project is to cement the importance of collective identity and
provide participants an opportunity to come together and express their visions, and extend the essence of harmony to the present world and the future. Project in celebration of the
 German Unification Day. Mentored by award winning visual designer Prateek Sethi.


Sensitisation towards Sexual Abuse victims

NGO Sneha, Mumbai (Dharavi)

4 participants (16-17 years)

June-Sept 2020 I Mumbai

Film Maker Huzefa Roowala and RB mentors led a self-initiated Leadership workshop, which culminated into an advocacy film for community sharing and larger social campaign.

Online Leadership workshop

Sanskriti School , New Delhi

63 participants (17-18 years)

Aug 2020 I NCR

Leadership workshop for students to increase self-awareness and create visions, missions & goals for the school. The students also brainstorm on actionable  solutions which could benefit the school and its community.

Launch: RB BUDDY Online Volunteer Programme

September 2020 I Global

A Global volunteer program for individuals to connect with adolescents to help initiate friendly conversations about positivity and self awareness through creative activities and informal discussions. Online programme. Total 6 weeks. 1.5 hrs/wk. To volunteer write to

LEADERSHIP / Advance Programme focusing on young people building Advocacy Campaigns for public sharing


June-September 2020, Mumbai

Community sensitisation towards victims of sexual abuse.

Film & Digital Campaign

Participants  4 teenage girls from Dharavi Mumbai

Community Partner  SNEHA, Mumbai

Film expert & Mentor  Huzefa Roowala

From the confines of their homes during the lockdown, four brave teenage girls from Dharavi, Mumbai came together with Red Balloon mentors to conceptualise and create an advocacy film to raise awareness about the need for sensitivity towards the victims of sexual abuse. Through the #IWONTIGNORE Campaign they ask society to stop ignoring the crime or the victim! It represents not just their fight for freedom & respect but also their drive to create a better life for many and send an important message to those who have asked any victim or bystander to ignore injustice.

The campaign has been gained significant momentum, visibility and public support. In the first week of it's launch, the campaign and film drew over 10,000 views. 

Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 11.47.52 AM.png


August 2020, Online Interactive 

Leadership & Self awareness

Participants  63 Sanskriti School Student Council Members

The participants explored self-awareness through self-reflection & creative questioning. They articulated their own personal vision and mission statements to understand what motivates them, what are their passions, life goals, values & leadership qualities.  Through discussions, free brainstorming and systematic thinking led by RB facilitators, they created vision statements and identified areas of improvement for their school. Deep diving questions like 'Are the solutions sensitive towards all?', 'What is our motivation?', 'Who do we want to benefit?', helped them formulate creative ideas and solutions that could help achieve their mission for the progress of the school and its people. 

AWARENESS / Mid level Programme for Knowledge, Creative Expression & Immediate Community Sharing



January 2020, New Delhi

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Public Arts Installation

Collaboration Ashoka Centre for Wellbeing

Participants 9 Ashoka University students, Delhi

Mental Health Mentor Dr. Arvinder J Singh
Design Mentor Sumant Jayakrishnan     

Outreach Partner STIR & India Art Fair 2020

Venue Partner Sanskriti Kendra

In a time where the lack of information coupled with the stigma around seeking help for mental health is the biggest barrier, this week long residential workshop brought together 9 young Ashokans from diverse cultures & backgrounds to mindfully connect and explore the importance of emotional expression and self-awareness. The workshop culminated into a dynamic arts installation conceptualised to share their creative expression & advocate the importance of mental health.

Moving out to go Within: A Case Study

I felt the installation was mine, it was a beautiful journey, a life changing one.  Participant 



Sexual Abuse & Anti Trafficking

Interactive Chat Bot & Murals

Participants SNEHA Mumbai (Dharavi)
Arts Mentor Leena Kejriwal

Knowledge Partner Missing Link Trust                         

Support Facilitators Avantika Malhautra, Preeti Harkare


Rhythm of Life NGO

Two groups consisting 25 boys & girls (15-19 years) from Dharavi Mumbai participated in week long workshops. Through expressive arts sessions, storytelling, movement activities, sharing circles and informative presentations the participants were engaged in conversations about sexual violence, self awareness, personal  vulnerabilities, ways of prevention and the psycho-social aspects of trafficking. Under mentor guidance, they created focused narratives, public engagement games and finally a project titled 'Hum Azaad Panchhi' and 'Birds of Happiness' consisting conceptual art murals and tech enabled interactive chat bots to be used for further public engagement.

Chatbots :  ,

I learnt how to express emotions through creativity and what are the different leadership qualities that we may explore in ourselves to be able to help victims of violence. Participant

Together with Red Balloon we are able to provide a platform for children to reflect, collaborate and get inspired to navigate increasing social risks that they face in their surroundings, especially that of sex trafficking. Preeti Harkare, Missing Link Trust

The workshop we did with Red Balloon was truly unique. Their program module gave us an amazing opportunity to create a much deeper conversation with the children from vulnerable areas of a city. Every day unfolded to more insights for us as well as the children. By the end the girls took centre stage and demonstrated a depth of awareness on the issue which even surprised us! True leaders in the making! This leadership program had tremendous potential! We hope to do more such with them!

Leena Kejriwal, Founder (Missing Link Trust)


May 2019, New Delhi

Sanitation & Substance Abuse

Puppet & Theatre Performance

Participants Tarang Centre, Jonapur Delhi
Arts Mentor Dadi Pudumjee & Ishara Puppet Theatre
Trust Team    

Venue Partner STIR

Knowledge Partner WaterAid India                             

Supported by Vaish Associates Public Welfare Trust

30 young participants from Bapu Sambhav colony, Delhi participated in an intensive 9 day programme which helped them identify the problems in their community that they would like to address. The puppet performance by the children was presented to over 150 local residents of the Jonapur community. The group went onto participate in an inter-community sharing with NGO Rhythm of Life and presented the performance to over 3000 children at the Children's Day Annual Event at Nehru Park Delhi and for the students of Sardar Patel Vidya Niketan, Mandi.

We learnt how to make puppets, we had a lot of fun and play with games and activities and we learnt how to perform and act, speak dialogues etc. - Participant 

I CARE / Beginner Programme for Self Expression & Self Awareness


June 2020, Online

Equality & Inclusion

Creative writing & Book Cover design

Participants Students of Sanskriti, Shiv Nadar & Modern School

Creative Mentor Illustrator Ayushi Rastogi & Writer Varud Gupta

Writer -illustrator duo, creators of graphic novel 'Chhotu' mentored 7 participants over 12 hours  and helped them create their own narratives and visual representations on the topic of unity and inclusion. These were presented as audio-visual stories. (Synopsis shared in the above video)



November 2019, Sonepat

Emotional Awareness

Stop Motion Animation Film

Participants Delhi Public School , Sonepat

Arts Mentor Shaaz Ahmed (Award winning animator)

20 young students participated in an experiential 2 day programme consisting activities like role play, experiential sharing and project making, that initiated focused conversations around Emotions, Empathy, Self Care and the importance of Emotional Intelligence. The workshop culminated into a stop motion film created by the students that illustrated 5 basic emotions.

It was a completely different experience at this workshop. Darsh Vatsa, Participant 

OPEN THE DIALOGUE / Starter Programme to begin conversations and encourage engagement

Screenshot 2020-05-20 at 5.36.50 PM.png


May June 2020, Online

Mental Health, Gender, Inclusion etc.

Participants Delhi Public School , Sonepat, Shri Ram Millenium School, Gurgaon

110 young participants (12-15 years) participated in 17 online sessions led by the Red Balloon team. The sessions brought to attention key social topics in a fun and interactive manner & encouraged children to engage meaningfully while self-reflecting along the way. 

Some questions posed:

  • What are we grateful for? Why is gratitude good for us?

  • Do we ever ask ourselves - how are we feeling?

  • What according to you will make the world a better place for all?

It was lovely. Many things we take for granted in our daily lives, which we realise when we attend such workshops -  Teacher , DPS Sonepat

We express immense gratitude for inspiring our children to learn and explore more about social change and infusing a sense of wellness and positive attitude. - Teacher, Shri Ram Millenium School