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Red Balloon offers learning and action opportunities for children and young adults to lead social change in India.


In the midst of a fast changing world, children need a way to reconnect meaningfully with themselves and their community; and actively participate in positive social change dialogues from an earlier age. RB offers a platform for the young to take this journey of learning and contribution, using creative thinking as a tool to express, explore, engage and exchange.

The programmes focus on creative expression, connecting with oneself, and exploring the desire to contribute among young people. It also helps discover individual potential for creative thought. These workshops are facilitated online as well as through on ground face to face workshops


Programme Modules:

L1 : Open the Dialogue

L2 : I Care 

L3 : Awareness 

L4 : Leadership 

L5 : Research Internships & Fellowships

          All participants are awarded Red Balloon certificates at the end of the workshops,

          endorsed by partnering organisations and mentors.

Core Objectives

  • Social Emotional Learning & 21st Century skills (Empathy, Self awareness)

  • Free self expression


  • Creative thinking

  • Awareness about social issues 


  • Young Leadership for social change


  • Fellowship with other children and young leaders


  • Mentorship from experts​ for young people


Open The Dialogue sessions are very short workshops that focus on topics of social importance and self-development in a fun and interactive manner & encourage the young to engage meaningfully and self-reflect along the way.These sessions provide a space for judgement free conversations which help children think about their beliefs, behaviours and actions in everyday life. The sessions are fun, informal and creative.

Examples: Emotion & Feelings, Gratitude, Imagining a better world and more.

Duration: 60-90 minutes per session

Age: 12- 22 years


  • Sparking a judgement free conversation 

  • Self-reflection


  • Hope & Positivity


The I-CARE module is a short experiential workshop focusing on exploring self awareness and personal perspectives towards social issues - which finally comes together in the form of an arts based project created by the participants. 


The participants are productively engaged in non-conventional Activity-Based Learning (ABL) projects led by professional Arts/Design mentor supported by RB facilitators.​ These workshops include the use of mediums such as stop motion animation, storytelling, comic making, theatre, new media, book cover designing and much more. 

Duration: 8-10 hours over 2-3 days

Age: 12- 22 years


  • Self-awareness, empathy and mindfulness

  • Activating interest in social issues

  • Using creative expression explore personal perspectives on different issues


Under the guidance of a Arts/Design mentor and RB facilitator -  the participants are introduced to a specific social issue and an environment for open conversations is created. Together the participants are led to express their personal views, ideas and finally give form a creative awareness project that is showcased to a select audience from the community. Select participants are invited to attend the intensive Leadership Programme.

Duration: 21-25 hours over 7 days

Age: 12-22 years


  • Raising Awareness & Knowledge

  • Exchange of Ideas

  • Focused immersion in a social issue

  • Creation of a social advocacy project


The Leadership Programme is set up for the continued engagement of RB's Awareness Programme participants.


This programme focuses on encouraging self initiative and enhancing Leadership qualities. Under the guidance of a Leading Arts mentor, Knowledge Partner, RB facilitators and leadership coaches - participants conceptualise and build an interactive social advocacy project to be shared in the public domain.

Based on the quality of project and continuing self initiatives shown by participants after completing the Leadership Module, Red Balloon invites select participants to present their ideas on the RB STAGE, and offers internships with organisations in the Development and Creative sector.

Duration: 25-30 hours over 7-10 days

Age: 14-22 years


  • Exposure to social responsibility 

  • Expert Mentorship

  • Support & empower individuals

  • Create energized young change makers

  • Positive impact through social advocacy

Research Internships & Fellowship Programme

We offer paid internship opportunity to a few outstanding participants from the Awareness and Leadership Module.

This experience is an opportunity for young people to gain valuable on ground knowledge, explore social issues on a much deeper level, develop critical skills and actively create on ground advocacy campaigns. 


  • Opportunity to do focused social research on a subject under guidance.

  • Exposure and opportunity to engage in on ground social advocacy work.


Our workshops are led by specially trained facilitators and creative professionals from different Arts & Design fields,
supported by knowledge partners and experts on social & personal development.

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