Through our Independent Art Projects, Red Balloon works towards developing arts-based solutions aimed at activating public engagement, awareness and action, which enables institutions and corporates to address specific issues and create social impact.

Bhopal – A Silent Picture

A Public Art Project

Bhopal– A Silent Picture is an experiential art installation highlighting the effects and aftermath of the Bhopal gas tragedy. This 40’ mobile multimedia installation simulates an environment with sound, light and temperature to recreate the sensory experience of the night of the disaster. This is an attempt to question corporate responsibility towards society and is one of the largest ever viewed public art projects in India and has clocked in over 250 thousand visitors internationally, so far.


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"Jodha’ striking document which will contribute to

perpetuate the memory of an apocalyptic event."
– Dominique Lapierre

Express & Aspire

Arts Workshops for Children

Express & Aspire are pro-bono photography workshops with underprivileged children in Asia and Africa. One of the longest-running projects undertaken by Samar, it has impacted 2000+ children in over 20 years. Each workshop goes beyond honing the creativity of the individuals to help raise self-esteem, impart life lessons and offer possibilities that are hard for them to otherwise imagine in the difficult circumstances they endure.


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Ageless Mind and Spirit

A Publishing Project

This is a path-breaking photography and publishing project by brothers, Samar and Vijay Jodha. With an essay by HH The Dalai Lama, this book is an eight-year effort covering 400 elderly people all over India to create a series of engaging human interest stories in the voices of the elderly themselves.  


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A Journey Into Personal Engagement

Sustainability and Capacity-Building Through Art

Phaneng is an award-winning portraiture project about the disappearing Burmese Buddhist tribe, Tai Phake. Samar’s extensive personal engagement with the community led him into an education project, rebuilding a monastery, and a unique eco-tourism project that has built local capacity as well as raised incomes.

TED Vienna:


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"Art can create major impact and most importantly influence, persuade and move people to lead change."

SAMAR S JODHA, Artist and Red Balloon Founder

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